Mineral Make-Up reviews

Mineral make-up differs from traditional products because its made without harsh chemicals and dyes that can be tough on your skin. Those with sensitive skin types can especially benefit from mineral-based cosmetics as they are formulated to enhance your natural look while protecting the delicate balance of your face.
The science behind mineral make-up is based on the salt and water content of the skin, and how certain ingredients can harm or benefit the complexion.
Mineral foundation is in demand as they tend to ditch fragrances, preservatives and oils that can leave you with unsightly redness or break outs. Since the rise in popularity in these types of bases, many mineral eyeshadows, blushes and cleansers have hit the market.
If you’re thinking about trying mineral-based cosmetics, read this Mineral Make-Up reviews and check out the reviews of our favorites below:

BareMinerals Original Powder Foundation review
BareMinerals broke into the make-up scene and revolutionized the idea of foundation that’s good for your skin. The Original Powder Foundation is preservative, fragrance, oil, dye and talc free. With SPF 15, this powder feels like a cream and blends easily with every skin tone. It’s made of crushed minerals and prevents dangerous sun damage while giving you a gorgeous, natural finish. Try it with the Estee Lauder Mineral Loose Powder Brush.

Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Foaming Cream review
This mineral-based cleanser begins as a clear gel then transforms into a foaming mousse. It will transform dry or sensitive skin while gently cleansing, illuminating and toning with ingredients like magnesium to protect the skin, and shea butter to moisturize, nourish and calm. Biotherm cleansers are inspired by Japanese skincare, and are made to be light on the skin while hydrating and getting rid of impurities. The line also includes an exfoliator.

Clinique Redness Solutions Compact Powder review
Clinique is known for its popular line of facial cleansers and moisturizers, and the brand has a history of developing skin-friendly products. The yellow hue of the Redness Solutions Compact Powder counteracts redness in the face, reducing the appearance of blotchy and irritated skin. Made of natural minerals, it’s suitable for all skin types as it has no oil or talcum ingredients. This powder will rid your skin of imperfections giving you an even, gorgeous tone.

Maybelline Affinitone Mineral Liquid Foundation
Maybelline’s reasonably priced Mineral Liquid Foundation is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. , The liquid perfects and protects the skin during wear with vitamin E and natural color pigments, allowing for great tone matching. It creates easy blending while minerals work to hydrate dry skin. The Affinitone line also includes a mineral blush and concealer.
Jericho Face Care Mineral Serum for Face and Neck
This revitalizing face serum can be used under make-up, and is formulated with Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts to hydrate, firm and protect skin. These minerals are paraben-free, and the therapeutic salts of the Dead Sea have been used throughout history in the beauty regimes of Cleopatra and the Queen of Shiva. The minerals are known to detoxify skin while improving blood circulation.
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