Make-up Brushes Review

Your make-up is only as good as the tools you use to apply it, so how do you know if you’re using the best one for you? There’s a make-up brush for every technique, trick and look you could think to create. Read our Make-up Brushes Review and take a look at some of our favorites below:


  • Shiseido Perfect Foundation Make-up Brush review
    Shisedo is a Japanese brand that is known for its emphasis on quality, and this brush sits in the make-up bags of cosmetic lovers everywhere for that reason. It can be used for cream, powder or liquid foundations, and is designed to work with all textures of bases. The natural-hair bristles are slanted to allow for precision application, meaning it can be used to contour as well as applying a full base. The size of the brush handle has been engineered to enable easy application, providing you with a great finish.
  • Givenchy Le Pinceau Kabuki Bronzer Brush review
    Kabuki brushes are the chosen tool by many when applying brusher and bronzer, and French brand Givenchy’s professional Kabuki is made to create a natural, blended look without obvious lines, and allows for the smooth application of powder make-up leaving you with a gorgeously glowing complexion.
  • da Vinci Classic Eyeshadow Brush 4196
    da Vinci’s brushes are handmade in Germany, and the company operates using sustainable sources with the environment in mind. Their make-up brushes have risen to popularity as they are made from high-quality, natural hair, and are known for their design adaptability as they can be used for many different cosmetic purposes. The 4196 eyeshadow brush can be used to apply concealer or eye make-up. Fans love it because it’s a great tool for blending to create a classic, smokey eye.
  • the balm Give Crease a Chance Double-Ended Smudger Brush
    theBalm produces cruelty-free products that aim to allow everyone to create gorgeous make-up looks without spending hours in front of a mirror. This dual-sided brush is designed to help you create a bright, intense look with your eye make-up. One brush is flat and wide, making it easy to get full coverage, and the opposite end uses duo-fiber bristles for blending. Bold eyes are always on trend, and this brush is two tools in one.
  • Missha Accessories Brush for Cream Eyeshadow and Concealer
    Missha has a line of affordable, yet professional quality brushes for all of your make-up needs. This eyeshadow brush is designed for use with cream eyeshadows or concealers, with flat bristles to make lines and coverage easy. It could also be used to apply gel liners, and allows for great control when creating your look.
  • Estee Lauder Liquid Make-up Brush review
    If you love to wear liquid foundation, this is the perfect brush for you. With its unique bristle design it differs from other brushes on the market, and is an excellent contouring tool that will work with all types of liquid make-up to create a smooth finish and a gorgeous base to any look. The design is great for sculpting along the jawline, and it is adored by make-up artists who love to get creative with their tools.
    Don’t forget your brush cleaners! Make your tools last and keep them free of dirt with Missha Style Water. Keep your brushes in great condition if you want to continue creating those gorgeous looks.