Lipstick Pen Maybelline Color Drama Review

Maybelline Color Drama lipstick pen

For most women, lipstick is one of the most important fashion accessories that they just cannot live without. It’s very uncommon for women not to wear lipstick wherever they go. Lipsticks are the “go-to” fashion accessory items whenever you wanted to swiftly pull your look together. Also, it is one of the essential parts of the complete makeup regimen. Without the color tint on your lip, your face would always look incomplete.

Since lipstick is very important, it’s also important to consider buying the most quality one, that will help you to achieve the most preferred look that you want while maintaining your own happiness and your health. For those women who are trying to find the best brand of lipstick pencil, Maybelline has the best offer! This kind of lipstick pencil is not only quality but easy to apply as well.

Maybelline Color-Drama Lipstick Pen

If you are searching for the best lip pencil, then, Maybelline Color-Drama lipstick pencil is available for you. It can always give your lip with intensive color, while making it shiny and look fine. This lipstick pencil composition is smooth like a velvet, which doesn’t dry up the lips, yet make them look fresh and feel very comfortable throughout the day! Its exceptionally sweet consistency is so relaxed and calm to apply, creating the enchanting effects. The formula of this lipstick pencil is dreamy. Moisturizing & creamy without being heavy or thick, gliding onto your lips with great ease. Therefore, if you are among those ladies out there with dry lips, this Lipstick pencil Maybelline Color Drama product is the right one to pick now. When it comes in pigmentation, this Lipstick pencil of Maybelline is amazing! Its long-lasting power is amazing as well, allowing you to go of your day better than usual. In fact, more and more women love the fabulous power of this lipstick pencil, as its effect makes it the real winner.

MAYBELLINE Color Drama Lipstick In Pen

Effects of Maybelline Lipstick Pencil

  • Pleasant cream touch
  • Make your lips always look fresh
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Combines lipstick and contour pencil effects
  • Hydration for your lips


  • Shea Butter – Maybelline Color Drama lipstick pencil contains shea butter, for extra protection, avoiding your lips from getting dry.
  • Beeswax – This can also help in nourishing and hydrating your lips, giving you a hundred percent of assurance that they will not get dry, even after a long busy day.
  • Ricin Oil – The Ricin Oil contains Maybelline Color Drama lipstick pencil can help a lot to soften and nourish dry lips, making them appear shiny and hydrated throughout the long day.

If you want to instantly make your day great, by wearing your favorite shade of lipstick, then it is now the perfect time to try using Maybelline Color Drama lipstick pencil, which will allow you to easily and instantly achieve the most beautiful and stunning look for the day. Best of all, it is not bulky to carry, allowing you to put it even in your pocket, and make a re-touch anytime and anywhere!

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