Airbrush Make-up Reviews

For those who love to try new make-up techniques and stay on top of trends, airbrushing is the next big thing in professional make-up that is now available to everybody at home. Airbrush make-up is sprayed onto the skin, achieving unmatchable coverage and the most natural-looking bases.
Traditionally used in films, TV and entertainment by high-profile actresses and celebrities, it was designed to be used in place of liquid and powder foundation, as these products often failed to provide adequate coverage, allowing pores and wrinkles to remain obvious on the big screen during movies or HD TV. Read our Airbrush Make-up Reviews below:
Recently, many companies have designed at-home airbrushing products, allowing everyone to experience the magic of a gorgeous base, and airbrush foundation has become the system of choice for weddings, proms, formals and events.
Airbrush make-up is sprayed onto the face freehand, meaning that the artist can still make use of their creative and skilled talent while applying a high quality product. The type of make-up used is usually water, alcohol or silicon-based.
Water-based airbrush make-up is more often used when it will only be worn for a short time, as it is easy to apply and quick to remove. This type of product will wear away if the skin sweats, so it is not recommended for use in warm, outdoor environments or for long events.
Silicon airbrush is most often used in luxury brands, and is recommended for those who want full coverage and intend to be wearing it all day. This formula is the most natural-looking, and will last longer than water-based versions, but it is not waterproof.
Alcohol-based airbrush however, is considered to be water resistant and will last the longest. It’s far less likely to smudge and has stronger pigments. It will create a matte finish, but is prone to drying out skin.
Different air pressures may be used with different motions to affect the level of coverage. Usually more than one layer is applied to the face, while the machine is positioned a few inches away from the skin. After the product has been applied, air is used to dry and set it on the face, ensuring long-lasting wear.
Many people prefer airbrush make-up because it does not involve the applicator having to touch the skin, preventing dirt being transferred from the hands which is a known cause of break-outs and blemishes. Airbrush foundation is also proven to last longer, and most products have a wear time of anything from 12 to 24 hours, depending on its ingredients. Aside from foundation, airbrush lip and eye color, blush, tanning and contouring products are available, making it an all-round method of applying gorgeous make-up.
If you spend hours perfecting your foundation base with powders, liquids and creams, or want to try a new way of applying lip and eye color, airbrush make-up is the next big thing, and with more companies creating affordable, at-home versions, it’s possible for everyone to get the perfect amount of coverage, pigment and wear-ability that will last all day.