Dermacol Invisible Transparent Powder review

Dermacol Invisible

The light Dermacol invisible and transparent powder comes with a brush and also a powder puff which was formulated to give your skin an extraordinary and soft appearance! It fixes all the types of make-up which help to create a velvety look and also prevents or stops your oily skin from “emitting” oil all through the day. After the application of the product on your skin, it is sure to look more polished. And it helps your makeup to be well protected. Each of the packages contains one powder-puff and also a small brush.

It is a light and transparent powder which undoubtedly provides a precise skin matting. It is straightforward to spread on the face and leaves no streaks. This Dermacol invisible transparent powder has mattifying properties, which ensures your face with a radiant and healthy look. It helps conceal and prevents emphasizing wrinkles and the glossiness of your skin. It also correctly balances your skin tone. All thanks to the excellently blended ingredients used. This allows it to stay on the face for a very long period. The powder in here does not have any visible or shiny particles. It is available in a very transparent version, which does not change the color of the primer which was applied previously. It is placed in a round and compact packaging. The product comes with a handy brush and also an oval applicator.

Details about the maker

The Dermacol brand is made by the famous Dermacol Cosmetics. It is a trademark of EU, and today, the Dermacol brand remains a dynamic one. In addition to their sizeable European market, Dermacol is also popular in many markets in countries of the near and the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia and even Australia. The Dermacol brand is not only advantageous abroad; it is also a big brand in the Czech Republic and comes to mind when makeup is talked of. One in Every four makeup item which is sold in the Czech Republic is a Dermacol product, and this is a whopping twenty-five percent (25%). And also the fifth of every-body firming products sold in the Czech Republic is also made by Dermacol, that means Dermacol has twenty percent market share, which defines their quality and ability to satisfy customers.

The brand was awarded in 2007 with the AWARD for Best Product by the Association of Czech Make-up Artists and Stylist

Details about this product

The Transparent and loose powder helps in enhancing your complexion with a satin look and also leaves it very soft without that greasy feeling.

It helps your makeup to be set and also be better protected against touch. With this, your face has a velvety appearance which allows you look perfect through the day.

Every package of the Transparent Powder contains a powder-puff and is suitable for all skin types. It is also available in Light and Natural shades.

There are numerous Benefits of using the product, and few of them includes

This product helps in fixing all the types of make-up

All the skin types can use this Transparent Powder with no side effects

It is dermatologically tested, its coverage is Transparent, and it’s finishing are semi-matte, natural, and velvety appearance

The application of this Transparent Powder is simple, just use the brush or powder puff to apply the powder to your skin as desired. The result is that your face will have the desired appearance and will also look perfect for the whole day.

Bourjois Blush review

Bourjois Blush

The Bourjois blush round Pot is made of an exclusively baked texture which produces an elegant and smooth powder which folds or bends easily. It has got a sweet scent, and it comes with an applicator brush and also comes with a mirror. It is available in 12 colors or shades

This blusher is timeless and has to be in existence for over one and a half century. This has made Bourjois blush famous all over the world thanks to its incredible texture and fantastic packaging. The surface being baked, when applied to the skin, is transformed into an ultrafine powder, which is easy to use and mixes impeccably. A brushstroke exposes you to an irresistible scent of a rose powder. The mirror which is built-in and the brush are both perfect for touch-ups on the move! The round pot of the Bourjois blush as earlier stated comes in different shades for all skin tones.

Inside the small pot

A small brush and a mirror are both provided. This product neither contains any shimmers nor glitters, hence, it is good for the natural look of makeup. The shade of this product helps you make a good choice which won’t make you look out of sort, but just as comfortable as you desire. It’s an excellent option to blush every day.

The texture is very soft and sweet, although it is somewhat gritty when in some shades. It is applied quickly and also very easy to blend. The color is pretty pigmented, and you need just a little to get a good look blush. But you must be careful when you use it because it is quite easy to overuse. It has got a pleasant scent of roses and lasts most of the day. You would rarely need to improve or do any touch-up.

Since this is baked and not pressed, it is poised to harden after a little while, but this issue can be easily handled by removing the top layer using a small toothbrush. This way, the blush is like a new one.

Bourjois Blush

The Bourjois blush comes in a round and dome-shaped plastic container. The color of the packaging matches the color of the interior, so you can easily see the tone or shade you want. The blush is sold with a mirror and a brush that are somehow useless to some users because the mirror is too small. And although many people report their love for the curved shape of the brush that matches the contours of your cheeks, the hairs/bristles are just too thin and too hard and may even scratch your face a little (take care with it). And there is no tray for the brush, so it’s right on the blush.

The pros

The pros of Bourjois blush includes but not limited to the following

  • The quality is worth every penny. It looks good on the skin and lasts all day long.
  • It has a packaging which is comfortable and handy for those who travel frequently; it is small and durable. (It was reportedly dropped twice on the floor, there wasn’t a crack)
  • The mirror and the little brush in the Bourjois blush packaging are quite useful.
  • It’s extremely affordable

People have complained about this of Bourjois blush

Hardens quickly (it can be swiftly sorted as explained in the text above)

Packaging (a question of choice)

The brush (easily replaceable)

If you need a nice blusher, then this is a very good choice and will do just what you want of it.