Awesome Foundation by Chanel

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If you are struggling to deal with your dry or sensitive skin, then surely you would love the new offer by Chanel, which is the Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. This very innovative and new launch of Chanel is the type of foundation that has fluid foundation finish. It contains 2 special powders that let the formula adhere to your skin surface with no any unevenness and creasing. Aside from that, it allows for the flawless complexion, however with the great benefits and good effects of powders. Also, the formula of Chanel Vitalumiere foundation is enriched with Canola oil extracts to nourish, smooth and soften the skin, which also ensures a comfortable wear throughout the day.

There’s no doubt that most women want to achieve the best look for their face, that’s why they are looking for the best type of product to use, which will give them an assurance of good results. Well, regardless of your age, whether you are young or old, Chanel Vitalumeire is the best foundation that you can wear in any type of occasion. It is being sold along with a mini kabuki-brush in-order-to achieve the perfect way of the application whenever you want to wear it.

Buying Guide of Chanel Foundation

Chanel Vitalumiere

Selecting the best type of foundation for your skin type is not always an easy task to be done. With several factors that you need to consider there’s no wonder if every woman has a very hard time in terms of picking an ideal foundation which suits well their skin or will look amazing. Well, as far as foundation is concerned, Chanel is the trusted brand which is prominent not just for its high-quality type, but because it is a ready-to-wear collection as well. A buyer who is trying to look for the superb foundation must learn more concerning their skin type to get the right one offer by Chanel. Having enough knowledge about the important things whenever you are shopping for your makeup, is always good. To help you in your shopping, here are some of the tips:

Tips for Selecting the Best Kind of Foundation

Always keep in mind that your foundation choice can break/make your look. Well, if women choose the wrong foundation products, they might not just look awkward, however, they might also cause damages to their skin. That’s one of the main reasons why it is very vital to pick a foundation giving to your particular- type-of-skin. Oily skin and sensitive skin have various requirements than the dry skin. Furthermore, skin issues such as acne and open pores need more attention & a dedicated product. It’s always a great idea to look the foundation type that will best suit your skin perfectly. The most important factors you should consider include:

  • Level of its coverage
  • Formula
  • Shade & SPF

In conclusion, whether you are looking for powder foundation or liquid foundation, there’s always the best product offered by Chanel. The Chanel Vitalumiere foundation will be very suitable for every woman who is trying to look for the satin finish, while enjoying the natural glow of their skin, as Chanel Vitalumiere contains moisturizers, thus being the perfect choice for every woman with dehydrated skin.

Loreal Million Lashes Review

L'ORÉAL PARIS Volume Million Lashes So Couture

Who among the ladies says that they don’t want to have long and curled lashes? There’s probably no woman who wants that. Of course, you want to achieve the best look for your eyelashes. Well, do not just volumize, but millionize your eyelash with the new Loreal Million Lashes mascara.

The brush of this new mascara has multitude bristles, allowing you to separate your lashes for the fan-out lash effects. The elastomer applicators are ultra-flexible, having long & short bristle coating all lashes evenly from their roots to the tip. An excess wiper helps to remove the excess mascara, and it leaves a coated-brush with only the most suitable amount to reach the maximum volume without clumps and overloading.

This very popular mascara, Loreal Million Lashes comes in a gold tube and black with product name emboldened in its length. Most ladies choose to use this kind of mascara because it is not only great to use but has also good packaging style, that usually loved by many. Both in the appearance and functionality. Loreal Million Lashes mascara has an amazing and beautiful brush, plus a wiper inside its tube, can ensure every user that its brush doesn’t get an excess product.

What’s Good About the Loreal Million Lashes Mascara

With the huge selection of mascara today, most women choose to buy the loreal million lashes mascara, for so many good reasons, and these are the following:

  • Water resistant
  • Well-designed brush and attractive packaging.
  • Minimal clumping
  • Hold-up curls very well.
  • Jet black shades.
  • The brush doesn’t get an excess product.
  • Provides great length and volume.
  • Comes easily with soap plus water or makeup remover.

L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture

What’s Not Good About the Loreal Million Lashes Mascara

  • Its brush is so thick; therefore, it would be difficult for you to coat the small inner lashes.
  • Not waterproof.

One of the most common issues of women in the common mascara that they are using including the high-end one has excess product in the brush, however, this one, which is the Loreal Million Lashes mascara has been designed cleverly to fight that matter. The brush of this mascara has so many small plastic bristles which provide volume, plus length with no coating your lash with excess or too many products. The only disadvantage is that its brush is thick instead so that the very small inner lashes could be hard to coat with no getting some products on the users’ skin. The designed tube is also slightly thicker, which commonly doesn’t like by many because it is much easier to handle a slimmer one especially during application; however, that’s really a minor issue.

The Loreal Million Lashes mascara quickly dries down. Moreover, it also volumizes as lengthens, however, what most ladies love about this new type of mascara is, it provides every lash a well-defined and very clean look, almost-as-if you are wearing false eyelashes. Once you use this mascara, you can clearly say that every end of your lash is perfectly aligned that only looks very neat & symmetric. It always does a fanned-out effect which it claims, and allowing you to say that, out-of-all mascaras you’ve tried, Loreal Million Lashes is the best!

The Best Lipstick for this Fall

best fall lipstick

The beginning of fall may have you rubbing the dust off your leather jacket, cozying-up on your soft knit sweater, leaving you wishing to try the deeper lip look. You might be thinking matte reds and rich berries that match fall seasons’ colors.

Lipstick is one of the most essential fashion accessories that every woman just cannot do without. It’s uncommon for women putting on a lipstick before doing anything else. When in a hurry, most women forgo some other makeup cosmetics and reach their lipstick. Women wearing lipstick can bring out their beauties. They put on lipsticks to make their lips look more beautiful and charming.

Furthermore, wearing lipstick can also help you reach the top of the dating game. Most importantly, wearing lipstick serves as protection for the lips especially during dry seasons. It can also be worn to make your look very attractive and stylish all the time, as it can help to make your lips appear shiny. As far as lipstick is concerned, it is very important for every woman to choose the best lipstick, depending on the type of season. Rich berry Maybelline color sensational lipstick is the best type of lipstick that you can use during fall seasons because it brings so many benefits, not only for your outside look but also inside.

Maybelline Color Sensational

You Can’t ever Be Wrong with the Finishing Touch of Rich Berry Shades for Fall


With so a huge selection of lipsticks, finding the right one to wear for this fall may not be an easy job to be done. But, keep it easy girls, because if you are among those women who are struggling enough to find the best color of lipstick for this fall, you have nothing to worry anymore as you can now opt for the trendy color lipstick.

What makes rich berry shades as the trendy color for fall is its cool effect, allowing you to skip the additional steps of using liner. Because the rich berry color lipstick has rounded tip which acts as the liner & the lipstick all-in-one. Aside from that, this trendy color of lipstick is infused with the key ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba seed oils. Therefore, it has a capacity of matte lipsticks; however, feel super hydrating and cool on your own lips.

Best Fall Lipstick

Aside from it is the trendy color of lipstick for this fall, it is also the most beautiful lipstick that can be worn by every woman! If your aim is to appear more beautiful and stand-out, or you simply want to boost your confidence, then look no other than the trendy color lipstick rich berry Maybelline color sensational as they are not only best to wear during fall, but even help you to achieve the beauty, and make your everyday fashion, perfect!

Most women always want aim to wear a lipstick that has long-lasting effect. That’s also another great factor that can offer by this trendy color rich berry lipsticks! They always provide a long-lasting effect, leaving you no worries if your lipstick has already fade, after a long busy day.

In fact, most of the women today are using this trendy color rich berry lipstick, as it is well-known for its amazing and long-lasting effect, especially during fall, helping you to look gorgeous all throughout the day!

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Smoothing Facial Serum Nivea Q10 Review

Woman with Nivea Q10+

One of the signs of aging is wrinkles and women would like to gradually lessen the visibility of this sign while they are still young. There are so many ways on how you can remove wrinkles and one of which is a skincare product like Nivea Q10.

Nivea Q10 is one of the most sought-after products when it comes to fighting wrinkles. It has the ability to make your skin be free from any wrinkle and can avoid future wrinkles to happen. Among all the products that are made for anti-wrinkle, this one from Nivea might be the answer to your problems.

About Nivea Q10

Nivea Q10 is a skincare product integrated with Q10 plus which helps in fighting wrinkles at the same time makes your skin look smooth and clear. With its serum, users will be able to achieve the skin goals that they have been dreaming of.

The Nivea Q10 contains ingredients that are good for the skin and will effectively combat wrinkles. With its jam-packed ingredients, surely, any user will have the best outcome especially when it is used on a regular basis. Also, the product’s formula will help in refining your skin and complexion and will only give you positive outcomes that you can never find from other products.

NIVEA Q10 Plus

Why Use Nivea Q10?

There are several skincare products that can be used as your skin regiment especially if you want to reduce your wrinkles, which is one of the signs of aging. However, not all products are proven and not all are capable of giving you the result that you want to achieve. But with Nivea Q10, you can now possibly make all things probably because this wonder can do great things on your skin.

People particularly women should use Nivea Q10 as their skincare product for fighting wrinkles because of its ability to reduce the sign of aging. With its friendly and effective ingredients, the fine lines are effectively lessened. Also, you should use this product because it can make your skin become smooth and glowing. It does not only help in fighting wrinkles but it can also let you achieve a revitalized and fair skin which you can be proud of.

Another reason to use Nivea Q10 is that the product is easy to use. You only have to clean your face before applying the facial serum and gently apply it and let your skin absorb the serum. With its ease of use, you will never have any hard time when utilizing this product.

There are lots of products that can be used for wrinkle fighting but Nivea Q10 is the one that you should include in your skincare products. This is the facial serum that will let you achieve a skin that is wrinkle free and glowing.


Having wrinkles is a big inconvenience especially to women but with the presence of Nivea Q10, it will never be a problem. This is the product that will help you have a skin that does not show any wrinkle instead will make your skin smooth and radiant.