Tricks on How to Apply the Trendy Matte Lipstick

The matte lips can incredibly look elegant and beautiful once you have the idea on how to wear and apply them on that suppleness. And they can be a real savior when you are running out of time. If you often rush late and want a fast way to rock that look, don’t have enough time to apply those eyeshadows, and definitely can’t put on those smoky eyes, then the Matte Lipstick will do the trick. With minimal makeup, they can work wonders on your face as they are modern and fresh with the trends.

Do you want to get yourself on the trend and learn to create that rocking looks? Here are some of the tricks you can try using the Matte Lipstick:

Pick the Best Shade

MAC Matte Lipstick Lipstick With Matt Effect

This step will happen before you go and run late. When you are at the front of your beauty counter, try to consider what Lipstick with Matt Effect will work best in your skin tone. If you don’t want to look like a corpse, don’t wear too pale lipstick if you have white skin tone. Don’t wear too dark matte lipstick if you don’t want to have a stained lip and wear them badly. By knowing what is the right matte lipstick is the best for your skin tone and your own preference, you can get yourself in of having perfectly colored lips that glow.

Use Some Lipstick Brush

You can even fill your lips in by using the lipstick’s bullet, then after that, you can use a lip brush in order to fill in the edges to add extra definition. Using a lip liner, you can even create a good and highlighted edge on your lips in the same shade if you think you still have enough time at the front of your beauty counter. Placing at the top of the applied Red Matte Lipstick, you can also create a little “V” drawing on your upper lip line to create a perfectly-shaped lip.

Don’t Forget to Highlight It

MAC Matte Lipstick Lipstick With Matt Effect

Perhaps you don’t have enough time to apply a little shadow on that eyes, but you can take a quick second just to dab your highlighting shadow into the center of your lowermost lip after putting the Lipstick with Matte Effect. This trick will allow your lips to look slightly fuller. Make sure that it complements the shades, so for the nudes and reds, use a gold tone, and for the purples and pinks, you can use the silver tones. But if you don’t hold any highlights on hand, you can rely on the wonders of the clear gloss or the little lip balm by adding it to the center of your lips.

Add a Little Moisture

As you don’t want that matte to turn to a glossy sheen, keep some non-greasy lip balms to ease the dryness in the entire day. You can also moist your lip before applying a lipstick to prevent hydration.

Now that you have that rocking look, you can confidently walk outside and flaunt that sexy lips. Seeing you with wearing that Matte Lipstick, people will think you are totally on a trend.

5 Tips How to Have the Perfect Eyebrows

Woman with perfect eyebrows

Having perfectly shaped eyebrows must be one of the latest beauty trends particularly among women. A  natural-looking eyebrow is the latest beauty trend that gives any woman an aesthetic beauty that every man would love. Save your money and time to make-up artists or on salon by doing your own way of getting a good-looking eyebrow.

Discover Easy Ways to Have a Perfect Eyebrow

  1. Find your eyebrow shape

Your eyebrow shape must be based on your face shape. Experts say that your eyebrow should follow a certain shape that will complement the shape of their face. For shaping your eyebrow, it’s best to use an Eyebrow Pencil that matches the color of your hair. Notino Bare Minerals Frame Define is a great option for shaping your eyebrow as it’s high quality and water resistant.


  1. Pluck your eyebrows with a style

Rimmel Brow This Way Palette For Eyebrows Make - Up

Plucking your eyebrow should start with a small portion of the thicker portion of the eyebrow. Rimmel brow this way helps you create a perfect shape eyebrow. Using this product will make a perfect eyebrow palette especially when you’re wearing make-up. Look like a star with your perfectly shaped eyebrow. Rimmel is a well-known brand for an excellent makeup for every woman. Look and feel attractive with an eyebrow palette from Rimmel to discover how far your beauty can go.


  1. Get an Eyebrow Kit

One of the best ways to create the eyebrow shape that suits you is to always bring with you an Eyebrow Kit. Wear makeup like you’re always on the runway with the kit complete with brush, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow concealer, brow mascara, brow powder and much more. Take note to bring the kit with you at all times to retouch your eyebrow. Get the best quality eyebrow set available in the market to create a genuine beauty in you.


  1. Purchase an Eyebrow Pencil color that’s suitable for you

BareMinerals Frame & Define™ Eyebrow pencil

Your eyebrow has a unique color that should stay even when you’re using an eyebrow pencil. Choosing the right color of a pencil will enhance your beauty even more. Thus, make sure to choose a defined pencil for your eyebrow that would even improve the thickness and shape of your brows. Do not settle for anything less for your eyebrow because, at the end of the day, you’ll realize that your brows matter a lot for your aesthetic beauty.


  1. Use high quality and trusted brands for eyebrow

Your Eyebrow Kit should be filled with only the best products known in the market. You deserve the best of your physical features so make the most of it.

FAB Brows Duo Eyebrows Set

A Perfect Eyebrow is A Life

For women, getting a perfect eyebrow can be one of the best physical features that they can have. Some may have natural good-looking brows but for those with lesser eyebrow, this one is for you. Start making a big transformation in you today.

How to Choose Flawless Eyeshadow for a Hot Sunny Day

Two young woman with flawless eyeshadows

Looking at your very best can be a bit hard when summer season starts to kick in and melts your make-ups quickly, which sometimes make you look messy and horrible. Girls don’t want to have a smeary eyeshadow while walking under the scorching heat of the sun. Often, we are looking for an excellent alternative to Maybelline Eye Studio so we still look fabulous and fresh on that sticky day. However, choosing the best flawless eyeshadow that can offer a heatproof makeup trick to literally keep that looks perfect can be hard.

If you’ve been wondering how to choose a flawless eyeshadow for a hot sunny day, I will tell you that you’re lucky of landing on this page. This article will teach you how to pick the best flawless eyeshadow that you can choose even you are under the sun.

Choose the One that Offers Vibrancy with Other Colors

theBalm Betty - Lou Manizer Bronzer And Eyeshadows In One

We love to experiment and say something good on that discoveries. Pick a flawless eyeshadow that has the ability to offer vibrancy whenever mixed with other colors so it can pop seamlessly. Others love theBalm Betty – Lou Manizer to achieve this experiment. Its pencil is even easy to use. Many prefer to blend the colors in their lids and apply the shadows on the top for a more vibrant colored look. That is where the blending of colors create wonders.

Choose the One that Will Let You Look More Awake

One of the reasons why flawless eyeshadow is created is that to let the wearer look more awake – and your eyeshadow should perfectly achieve it on a hot sunny day. This will make your eyes effectively look bigger while making you look awake and energetic. Not all eyeshadows are the same and not all can let you look more awake. So, you should choose the one that has it all to add glamor and style the whole day.

Choose the One that Offers True Quality

Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow

Like any other product we buy out there, we also want to ensure quality in the cosmetic items we buy whether it would be online or from physical stores. To make sure that you get the most of your investment, rely on the one that has a name already and is proven to offer good results to the users. The brands like Maybelline Eye Studio and theBalm Betty – Lou Manizer can be two of the best choices in terms of flawless eyeshadows in the market today. They are truly reliable and with the quality for the hot sunny day.

Unlike the simple kiss of a lipstick or the glimmer of the highlighter, theBalm Betty – Lou Manizer eyeshadow application will require a lot of blending and precision. And there could nothing be worse than having painstakingly applied shadows that make a break for it half of the day – leaving you with a smudgy instead of a smoky lid. So, it is important to wisely choose the best flawless eyeshadow in this hot sunny day.

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Vacation is Coming! Travel Size Hair Products

The extreme summer heat makes you want to pack your bags and go to the beach. It is vacation time and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to travel or go to the beach with family and friends. Here you would have a great time enjoying the sites and the fun vacation activities that are best for you.

Woman on the square

However, despite the inviting fun of vacation time, people who are conscious about their hair might have problems having dry hair or other hair problems. The best solution in this kind of hair problems is a Travel Size Shampoo.

Using this product does not only leave you the great solution in of not only having a dry hair or an oily hair but also the guarantee of fully enjoying your vacation time.

Pack Up with Travel Size Shampoo and see the difference 

People who like to travel would find this shampoo easy to bring in any destination you want to go. Going to different places would exposure to different kinds of moisture that might damage your hair. At this point, vacationers should have the protection suited for their hair.

This shampoo has natural ingredients suited to protect the hair from too much moisture. In using the shampoo, a relaxing and soothing feeling would be achieved.  Hence, people who are having a vacation in beaches or tropical countries would have a big benefit in using this shampoo.

Solve Hair Problems in an Easy and Natural Way

Ducray Elution Shampoo For Sensitive Scalp

Ducray Elution Shampoo For Sensitive Scalp

The Ducray Shampoo belongs to this travel hair products. The natural ingredients and the constant use of Ducray are favored by most consumers.  This is not only because of the scent and the refreshing feeling you would feel but also it is a good solution in solving major hair problems.

Hair problems such as hair loss, oily hair or dry hair would ruin any vacation of a family or group friends. Therefore, it would be better to have a Travel Size Shampoo along as you make on a happy vacation time with your family and friends.

Preventing hair problems before going to a vacation is required as it would you a full comfort and convenience of the best time at the beach. An oily hair or a dry hair particularly in women are very bothering so it would be best to have a travel size hair product with you.

Aside from solving any major hair problem, these travel hair products are also made to give you a great relaxing feeling. It would be great idea most people feel good about themselves and this is because of the effect of the shampoo. The Ducray Shampoo is best suited at this time due to the great effects the client would have in using it.

Getting ready for vacation time with a travel hair product is one of the best things that would add to the excitement of your vacation. In packing it up together with travel bags, you have a full guarantee of an exciting and fun vacation at its best.

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